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Music Classes designed for young learners!

Our small-group setting is fun and supportive and naturally draws children into the learning activities. Activities are fast-paced-incorporating games, stories, songs, dance and ensemble playing; and involve a variety of musical instruments including keyboard, recorder, glockenspiel, guitar and various percussion instruments.​

Multidimentional Learning

Our curriculum teaches more than just keyboard/piano!   Students also learn music concepts through singing, music theory, ear training, composition, ensemble playing, as well as sampling guitar and recorder.  With our built in classroom audience, students also gain confidence performing for each other and their parents.

Parents are the key to help unlock music potential!

Our parent participation program means Mom or Dad (or another caring adult) comes to class too. The time you spend with your child at CMA is a special bonding experience and communicates to your child that he/she is important enough for you to take the time to be involved. You and your child will look forward to your "musical date" each week as you learn music together!

Learning Music Benefits the Whole Child

Learning music fosters qualities like self-discipline and diligence, which transfer to academic activities, helping to build effective study and work habits. Engaging in musical creation and performance not only encourages self-expression and personal satisfaction but also brings joy to others.   

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